Lindsay Greer as Lucida Fox in "Toil and Rubble"  Photo Credit: A.B

Lindsay Greer

Lindsay is a performance and media artist hailing from the Midwest. She builds protocinema devices out of recycled materials and incorporates the antique/new media hybrids into her performance. Her work is a pastiche of feminist personae mined from research on performance and media history. Lindsay performs solo and collaborative work in spaces ranging from traditional theater spaces, bars, art galleries, farms, gardens, and living rooms. Her films screen at numerous festivals including the Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Coney Island Film Festival, Strange Beauty Film Festival, and Central Illinois Feminist Film Fesitival, among others. Her solo performance, Toil and Rubble: Media in Ruins, follows a girl-scout living in post-apocalyptic Detroit; a film editor splicing together dreams in Alla Nazimova's head; and a spiritual medium channeling the ghosts of dead and obsolete media. She's currently putting together a "living room" tour, so please get in contact to book a show. The show is a collaborative effort with performance artist Dr. Craig Gingrich-Philbrook. Lindsay holds an Interdisciplinary MFA in Mass Communication and Media Arts and is working towards her Ph.D in Performance Studies and Communication Studies at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. The dissertation that currently occupies most of her time and mental resources explores the performances of spiritual mediums in their connection to early visual culture. This fall she will join the faculty at the University of Southern Indiana in the Department of Communication.