Buskopolis Festival of Cinematic Oddities

Great news: one of my short films will be screening at this year's "Buskopolis Festival of Cinematic Oddities". The festival takes place in Huntington, PA on September 21-22nd and everything about it looks amazing! Check it out: http://buskopolisfilms.com/OddityFestival.html


Free Range Film Festival

Hey readers...if you're really out there. I have a film screening at the Free Range Film Festival on June 30th. Here's the website: http://freerangefilm.com 

In other news, I'm headed to Oakland in a couple of weeks to attend another workshop with Mary Armentrout and Ian Winters at Milkbar. Here is the site: milkbar.org


Publication update

"Circus" was recently published in the online journal Technocultures with a short artist statement:


My experimental essay "Collaging the Remains" appears in a recent issue of Liminalities: Journal of Performance Studies


Coney Island Film Festival

Hello dear reader. What a month it's been! In all the hub bub of moving, starting a new job, and basically embarking on a whole new chapter of my life I've been somewhat neglectful of my email (at least the one that's not university affiliated). My film Nazimova's Dream (Within a Dream) will be screening today at the Coney Island Film Festival! Here is the film festival website: http://www.coneyislandfilmfestival.com 

I wish I could attend. I do so love Coney Island! It's certainly one of my favorite places...at least in memory. I haven't visited since 2008, so I need to fix that as quickly as possible. Maybe I can manage a visit for the Mermaid Parade this summer...

Ae Film Fest

I'm excited to announce that my film "Nazimova's Dream (Within a Dream)" will be screened at the Altered Esthetics Film Fest in Minneapolis, MN July 27-31st. Here is the website: http://www.alteredesthetics.org/exhibitions-events/ae-film-fest-0

From the website:

"Over the past ten years Altered Esthetics has hosted over 100 group exhibitions, launched a solo exhibitions program for emerging artists, and have brought the work of more than 500 artists to public view - many of whom were sharing their artwork with the public for the very first time. Altered Esthetics largest program is the the Ae Film Festival (formerly the Ae Art House Film Festival), an annual ARTshare event dedicated to the organization’s mission to foster an inclusive and sustainable arts community through exhibitions, education, and outreach. By drawing on a broad range of innovative modes and techniques, the festival exhibits artists who explore the art of the moving image, including artworks that represent experimental narratives, avant-garde poetics, genre expanding documentary, and contemporary art practices. The selections of short film and video work and accompanying panel discussions stretches the notion of what the moving image is and can be. Interdisciplinary artist Jes Reyes, the Co-Exhibitions Director of Altered Esthetics, oversees the festival, and is supported by a team of volunteers.

Going on its 3rd season, the Ae Film Fest will be hosted by The Southern Theater and additional partners on July 27-31, 2016. Follow this year's program here: www.aefilmfest.weebly.com."


I just received happy news that "Nazimova's Dream" will be screening at the backup_festival in Germany.

Here is the festival website: http://backup-festival.de/2016/en/home/


Milkbar Salon April 8th

Hello everyone!

This Friday one or two of my films (I'm not sure which ones) will be screening at Milkbar in Point Richmond (Bay Area), CA as part of the Milkbar Salon put on by incredible Bay Area artists Mary Armentrout and Ian Winters. My friend, the wonderful performancer, Violet Juno, will also be showing her work. I wish I could be there!

Late night/early morning post

Two fun updates:

1. "Pandora's Box" will be shown as part of the curated program "Ovular Film" as part of the Experiments in Cinema festival taking place in Albuquerque, NM, April 5-10.

2. "Different Parts" and "Ghost Poem" were selected for the 3rd edition of the festival Parachute Light Zero, taking place in Paris, France on April 15-16th.


Hello! I have no idea if anyone even looks at this, but I will keep posting nonetheless. An exciting bit of news from last November: I was awarded the Marie J. Robinson Scholarship for Outstanding Graduate Work in Performance Studies at the 2015 National Communication Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was so honored and humbled and nearly fell out of my chair when my name was announced. I owe so much thanks and gratitude to Dr. Craig Gingrich-Phibrook, Dr. Jonathan Gray, and the sensational performance artist Violet Juno for their letters of nomination. I also want to thank Dr. Rebecca Walker, Dr. Andrea Baldwin, Dr. Amy Kilgard and (almost Dr) Nichole Nicholson for being so wonderful, supportive, and enthusiastic during the business meeting. I love being part of a community with so many wonderful artist scholars.

Arts Practice Research Conference

This weekend I'm presenting at the conference Arts Practice Research: Scholarship, Pedagogy, and the Creative Process to be held at Texas Tech University. I'm presenting with my friend and long-distance collaborator, Sarah Jackson-Shipman, as part of the panel: "Wandering as a Creative Research Practice". We'll be talking about Mikhail Bahktin's "wandering chronotope" as a method for creative inquiry and production. Other panelists include Dr. Ruth Bowman, Dr. Michael Bowman, Bonny McDonald, and Dr. Brian Rusted. Here is the link for more information on the conference: http://www.ttuartspractice.org/

Summer Workshop with performance artist Mary Armentrout

I recently attended a life-changing/affirming workshop lead by Bay Area performance artist Mary Armentrout, co-founder of the Milkbar performing arts space. Mary is an amazing choreographer, facilitator, and all around human being. I also want to give a shout-out to the ever-mesmerizing performancer/sculptor/all-around artist, Violet Juno for telling me about the workshop and offering me a place to stay. She is as gracious in her mentorship as she is in sharing her art with the world. Links to their webpages will be forthcoming on the Links page as I edit the site, but until then:




A layered film combining original Super 8, handpainted found footage, and personal narrative. This film has screened at Coney Island Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, Cinekink, Atlanta Underground Film Festival, Strange Beauty Film Festival and exhibited in both Las Manos Gallery in Chicago, IL and Recession Art in NYC.